LA Lookbook

On a Monday Morning, Eliza and I took a drive. Headed up the 101 towards downtown Los Angeles. After meeting up with Torie, we headed into The Last Bookstore - LA's oldest book shop. We escaped from the bright & bustling streets into this dark and eerie space lined with collections of books old & new. Upstairs, we discovered an art gallery, shops adorned with knick knacks, and a complex labyrinth of bookshelves weaving throughout the second story. One of my favorite parts was the criminal and horror section inside of a walk-in vault - just pray no one slams the door shut because once you're in there's no way out. Downstairs was also one of the raddest collections of records tucked away in a warm, homey corner of the store.

Next, we stopped for lunch in an unsuspecting maze of shops within a building. It reminded me a lot of Pike's Place Market. 


By 1pm we were boarding the Metro towards Chinatown. Another never-ending market was hidden within a seemingly small storefront. Despite mounds of trinkets and racks of clothing, my one purchase was a small package of smoke bombs for some future occasion.

The Metro then took us to Union Station & Olvera Street, famously known for its Latin American culture & feel. 


Finally, we headed into Hollywood where we came across a vintage thrift store adorned with Levi's on Levi's, and wandered aimlessly along the streets until settling for a tomato provolone grilled cheese and sweet potato fries and heading home.