Ends & Beginnings

I was looking back at my older posts today and stumbled upon "Love Wins." Published over 2 years ago, in a vague memory, gay marriage became legal. At that time, it was such a shock that the legislation had actually passed, but fast forward a few years, and that is the smallest feat in what we are currently facing. Donald Trump is officially president. But he is not my president. He will never be my president. Presidency is about more than revenue and debt. It's about the people, the environment, the world. A president should be someone who unites the nation as one, a leader in the face of difficulties. Trump is anything but that - a mysoginist, fascist, discriminatory, slandering human who sits on an empire nestled in with the 1%. He will reverse decades of progress that our country has made and inflict damage on our neighbors and our planet. We cannot let that happen.

So today, we fight. We fight for women's rights. We fight for people of color. We fight for minorities, for the little girls who deserve to grow up in a world of equality, for the people who have felt unsafe in their own country. Today, we fight for our nation and our future.


Although we must say goodbye to a truly great person, leader, and president, Barack Obama will never be forgotten. His term may have ended but in its place has begun something quite incredible. I have never seen so many people turn their fire into fuel; to ignite their passions and fight for change. He has inspired in all of us the courage to stand up for our beliefs and to put the country's future back into our own hands. Now, it is our turn.

Together, we stand. Together, we will conquer.