To Fall in Love With a Place


A few days ago, I took a quick trip to Florence. I completely fell in love with this romantic little city adorned with greenery, good wine, and even better people. But this is not about Florence, nor the fact that spending two days in a city can spiral you into a deep and utter lust for more. This is about Prague, and how in just a couple months it has me completely fixated on its cobblestone streets and pastel structures. This is about the grass that has inched its way across the hillsides and the flowers that have managed to sprout during my two day absence. In the short time I was gone, the days had gotten longer and the people friendlier. Returning back home, Prague was a completely new city.

Its crazy how a little dose of sunshine can change your world. Wintertime meant cold days and long naps. But spring has sprung, and evenings are filled with drinks on the river and feeding swans that are nipping at your toe tips. Today, for example, we finished class, grabbed a bottle of wine, and sat on the river watching the ducks and canoes. Everything seemed lighter. For once, I wasn't stressed about the three midterms I have tomorrow or the fact that I have absolutely zero summer plans. Instead of focusing on the next internship to hold, I found myself daydreaming of what it would be like to spend my summer living with my best friend in Germany, working at a coffee shop and living simply.

To fall in love with a place is to fall in love with a person. To endure the good and the bad - the harshest winter Prague has experienced in years next to the wonderful days like today filled with leisure and good company. To breathe and feel with one another - the change of scenery that mirrors the change in your mood and makes you wholly and completely appreciate every aspect of this place. To spend time figuring the inter-workings of it all - wandering the streets, discovering cafes, and losing the restrictions of maps and guides. It is beyond me how to describe what it's like to want to spend every living second with a person, a place, a pet, a thing, yourself. To be in love is more than just to love someone. There is so much more beyond that. Out there lies a whole world and not enough days to experience it.. to fall in love with it. For now, I'll just slowly soak in my last days in this temporary home.