10 Must-Do's in Prague

I spent over 5 months in this place and still feel like there are things I didn't have time to do! Here's a list of some of my favorites :)


10. Take a tour in the Jewish Quarter: Something I found interesting about Prague upon arrival was the strong presence and history around the Jews. Back in the 18th century, the Jewish were confined to a small 4x4 block radius where you could find essentials ranging from corner marts to doctors and even an eerie communal cemetery. The cemetery rises floors above street level as it holds over 100,000 bodies that were forced to be buried on their grounds. There is also the house where Franz Kafka was born as well as a synagogue and museum dedicated to him. This is probably the only tour in Prague I would recommend as the rest can drag on quite a bit!

9. Try Absinthe: This crazy party city is of course one of the few places left where absinthe is legal. Don’t buy the cheap green stuff off the street that advertises it’s real. Go into a bar and buy a shot of it or if you’re feeling fancy, check out Hemmingway for the old school experience to sip your absinthe with a chilled pour over a sugarcube.


8. Grab a drink at Hotel U Prince or Dancing House: As Prague is generally flat, you can find hidden rooftop bars with crazy views of the city. Hotel U Prince is in the town square with a great view of the clock tower and chaos below. On the other hand, Dancing House is on the water and has a beautiful view of the castle especially during dusk!

7. Get a liter beer and fried cheese at Kozlovna Lidicka: Just across the river in Prague 5 (where I lived – shoutout Zbroooo) lies a great traditional Czech restaurant where everything is pretty cheap. The best is the liter sized pilsner for under $3. Recommended – fried cheese, pork knuckle, duck and goulash. Very meaty - but that’s how the Czech do!

Downstairs at Vzorkovna

Downstairs at Vzorkovna


6. Go Out!: Probably one of the reasons you'd visit this magical little city - going out. There’s somewhere for every night of the week, but my favorites were Tuesdays at Vzorkovna (aka dog bar named for the old Irish wolfhound pictured above) followed by a visit to Chapeau Rouge. Wednesdays spent in the pit at Retro in addition to Friday nights groovin to 80’s throwbacks at Lucerna . Pro tip: cover is cheap but get your Lucerna tickets during the day on Friday cause ~ yes ~ it sells out!

5. See a ballet or show at the National Theatre: My favorite memory in Prague was one I spent alone. Our school provided free tickets to go to an opera or show during the year and I snagged one to see a ballet at the National Theatre. All my friends forgot to pick theirs up so I went alone. The ballet actually ended up being more of a contemporary dance show, and halfway through the performers whirled into the crowd, whisking viewers on stage. I was one of them. For a full five minutes, a dancer swung me around into the air and guided me alongside others in a very orchestrated and precise dance. I was told it was beautiful, but I was honestly so in the moment I forgot I was being watched by an audience of hundreds. Splendid to say the least!


4.  Rent Peddle Boats: On a sunny day, this is perfect for families, friends and visitors. They are cheap, relatively easy, and soooo much fun!!! I took my family out and it was one of my favorite days abroad. Grab a sandwich and a couple beers to enjoy out on the Vltava!

3. Afternoons at Letna: Below the metronome tower is a little outdoor bar area called Letna. It is perfect for an afternoon snack and pivo as you take a break from the busy streets below. It has great views, plenty of seating, and a huge park alongside it!


2. VENUE: If you know me, you know I won’t shut up about this place. I was sent here on work to write a review for Prague Off the Map and fell in love, recommending it to anyone who would listen. Recommendations – Quiche, sweet potato hash, and the COFFEE!!!

1. Wander around!!!!: There is nothing I could recommend more than just wandering. Prague is the type of city where you don’t need a plan. You can honestly wander around, duck your head in places, or ask locals (although they don’t like Americans much!). There is so much to do, see and explore wowowwww it makes me so excited for the day I get to go back! Enjoy!